Monday, September 22, 2008

Drop anchor there, Clark

Columnist Ross Clark dropped an awesome bomb at The Times Online, the web component to the Britain based paper. In his column, Clark attacks what he sees as Britain's inconsistent drug policy.

Particularly in the handling of former Wham! front man George Michael.

Where his argument starts to sail away is right around the point where he compares drug use to child pornography.

Alright, Clark, I got it. Drugs are bad, but come on. Directly proportional to child pornography? That's a bit strong.

Not to mention the lead is more than a little ridiculous.

Ross Clark:

Imagine being a latterday Pontius Pilate presented with two offenders and faced with a dilemma: which to grant a second chance and which to sentence to a long term in jail. Do you free the nervous Jamaican single mum caught at Heathrow with 30 capsules of cocaine in her intestines, having been persuaded to act as a drug mule by a gang promising money to educate her children? Or the multimillionaire pop star caught with crack cocaine in a London public lavatory?

I'm not going to lie, folks going to jail for this sort of thing is terrible. The thing is, we're comparing drug trials to the biblical trial of Christ.


Just going to take the rum.

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