Friday, November 28, 2008

I Hate Headlines

I’ll admit right up front that this is a ridiculously tiny issue in the grand scope of journalistic issues and/or problem and probably reflects a personal failing on my part. However, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle put a headline on an article that is just so damned empty headed. Rochester-area retailers hope deals attract buyers

Really? Retailers want to attract buyers, eh? I don't believe it. What's all this newfangled hocus pocus about selling things? It's for the birds, I tell you.

A headline of this caliber deserves a promotion. From now on, the editor responsible for the headline will be dubbed Lieutenant Obvious.

While, the headline isn't quite as bad as my all time favorite from USA Today a few months back, recent wolf kills alarm activists, it's still pretty bad.

Now, I'm not that rough on headlines, honestly, and I know for a fact that I'm a terrible headline writer (a quick look at my posts shows that) don't expect the most clever of witticisms on each and every story, but coherency would be nice.

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