Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Palin made for dressing room, not White House

In the 2008 presidential election, political cartoon have just as much influence as news articles and television commentaries. Some political cartoons are often vulgar and extremely embarrassing for a candidate, but that is the point, and one cartoon defining the intelligence levels between Sarah Palin and John McCain does this.

The cartoon shows Sarah Palin with bright-red obnoxious lipstick, a red suit and a coif hairdo. She is reading Variety magazine and compliments herself for having a lot of “SNL” ratings. McCain, on the other hand, is in a simple, black suit and is reading the latest poll updates. Cartoon McCain says Palin is not ready for prime time.

The great thing about this cartoon is its reality. Sarah Palin may be the governor of Alaska and the Republican vice presidential candidate, but she does not carry herself as intelligent or serious when it comes to politics. She only cares about fashion and moose hunting; these are qualities that I do not want to see in the White House.

Political cartoons have the ability to provide a simple, artistic way to let voters know about their candidates. Political cartoons also have the ability to be bias as negative television and radio campaign ads. However, the purpose of political cartoon is to provide humor and creativity for audiences.

Rating: Escape the Royal Navy.

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