Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rice causes baby badness

Rice may be bad news bears for your baby, states an article posted on Yahoo! news. In some infants, it can cause a severe allergic reaction, causing the infants to be hospitalized. The reason this is so important? Rice is advocated as one of the first foods babies should eat as a solid food.

I have to give props to Amy Norton for reporting on such a serious issue. The article addresses the symptoms and what may be causes, and also lets parents know that it despite problems, it is still a hypoallergenic food.

The article is short and to the point and does not make the issue into something it is not. Norton also uses correct AP style throughout the article. The only thing that should be reconsidered is possibly giving something so serious a less funny-sounding name, because FPIES is kind of hard to say...

Rating: Positive Two
Link: Rice can trigger severe gut reaction in infants

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