Friday, December 5, 2008

And the most important news goes to...

While Yahoo! may have had it right reporting on Coldplay's plagiarism, they got it all wrong with today's top feature story. When I went to search today's news the feature story on Yahoo! popped up about who the highest paid actress in Hollywood is now. Underneath it, in small print, was a second feature story about the best public high schools in America. Now which one is really more important?

The first article did not even have words, but rather pictures of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston among others. Even better, they didn't even have the actresses' names. So we're expected to know every famous person in Hollywood? I can't even keep all the members in my family straight.

While this may not exactly be a critique of the article itself, Yahoo! and other media outlets placing more value on celebrities' salaries than the value of education is way too important to pass up. How about an article about how the rest of us, who don't make that much, are going to make it through this seemingly unavoidable recession?

Rating: A scorpion filled box. Throw Yahoo! in.

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