Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bush bashing takes place as economy crumbles

So, we are currently in the middle of one of the biggest financial disasters in the history of the United States. President Bush addressed the country tonight with his concerns and plans for the future. One would think that this crisis is a little more important than Clay Aiken coming out of the closet. Yahoo news covered both stories in great detail. However, the difference in the word count for these stories is 395 words.

Now, this seems like a significant difference but when most of the article bashes President Bush with statements such as, "The president turned himself into an economics professor for much of the address," and "Intensive, personal wheeling and dealing is not usually Bush's style as president, unlike some predecessors. He does not often call or meet with individual lawmakers to push a legislative priority," it makes you wonder who wrote this article thinking that the country wants to read about the stupid things President Bush has done. We have too many of those stories as it is. And, this is in no way trying to defend the president and any of his wrong decisions and choices, but a little smack in the face with reality. Give it up. We're tired of hearing about it. With little quips such as those, the focus of the article turns into a presidential bash rather than a news story about how our country is falling apart.

The bottom line is that news stories concerning President Bush never truly end up being about the issues, only his stupidity as a president. Wow, America, that's a great news story. Think again.


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