Monday, September 29, 2008

Celebrity blogging overboard?

We all know celebrities get all the attention. But blogging about blogs about celebrities? That's when it's gone too far. To get the root of the story about Jennifer Lopez's participation in a triathlon for charity, you have to search through other blogs. That's not the worst part though - the original blog doesn't focus on what she earns for the charity (only briefly mentioned halfway through the story), but instead focuses on the fact that she finished and just cannot stop smiling.

The story has some value to it, but once again, the journalist needs to figure out what the focus is. It shouldn't be that Jennifer Lopez finished, but rather that she was able to raise $127,000 for the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. Now that is newsworthy.

Overall, I would expect more from a magazine like SELF. It's great to keep in shape, but celebrities have personal trainers so chances are, they will look amazing after having children. Show me a normal mother running a marathon after having twins and able to raise money for a hospital and then I will be intrigued.

Rating: Marooned on an Island

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