Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Palin sinks to bottom

Sarah Palin is not extremely popular among college students, yet instead of continually bashing her beliefs, they do not say what she can do to improve her standing with students. There is something about every candidate that students will not like; however, students will not tell us what they do look for in candidates or positive things about ones they like.

In the Loop video, the interviewee does not tell viewers what she looks for in a candidate — instead, she continually bashes Palin. Instead of giving specific examples of what Palin does wrong, she only comments on her disagreement with her beliefs and criticizes her personality. Everyone knows what Palin believes in, but a majority of students do not know Palin’s actions and history.

After watching the video, I became extremely annoyed with the student because all she does is complain and whine about Palin. I know that this is personal opinion and the student has every right to express it, but it should not be on a college news Web site. This video would be perfect in a blog, but not in a professional setting.

If the video was put in a professional setting, the student should not whine about the candidate, but give solid, concrete examples to back up her opinion. Without these opinions, the video is boring and frustrating.

Link to video: http://rocloop.com/videos/8656-60-second-rant-sarah-palin

Rating: The scorpion-filled chest

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