Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blog busts Chinese gymnast

The word has gotten around that the young Chinese gymnasts were legitimately allowed to compete in this year's 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Olympic officials announced that no further investigations will be made to challenge the Chinese's honesty regarding the young girls.

The New York Times covered this story in great detail, bringing to the table the fact that Chinese gymnast Dong Fangxiao, who competed in the 2000 Olympics, winning the bronze metal, in her personal blog said she was only 14 years old. That was eight years ago. Do they expect us to believe that she is now 22 years old? Apparently so, but you have to also consider the fact that when their ages were questioned this year, the Chinese officials "proved" all their ages to be 16 years old.

The New York Times reported both sides of the story, although the reporter sounded quite skeptical toward the Chinese officials claims concerning the ages of the gymnasts. American skepticism definitely shown through this article, but in my opinion was done so with every right.
Although this was a well covered story, I found a typo in it, which makes me wonder how many editors edit online articles before they are posted.

"The A.P. then reported that other gymnasts may be underag, citing documents on the Web."
^ It is supposed to read, "underage."

I give the New York Times a rating of first mate, however, the reporter has to swab the decks for a week for that typo.

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