Friday, October 10, 2008

Destroying wedding dresses for fun and profit

While casting out a line for dude ranches in a search (I'm not the only one who watched Hey, Dude), I came across this gem of a news article at the Summit Daily News out of Colorado.

Essentially, someone came up with the brilliant idea to photograph people wrecking their wedding dresses. Someone else came up with the idea of building a community blog out of it.

The wrecking is done by rolling around on the beach, getting under the hood of a car, going for a swim and in the case described in the news story, wrestling a pig.

Writer Leslie Brefeld does alright putting the nifty little story together out of the whole thing. What's really interesting is the subject itself. It's pure, crystallized genius smashing through my frontal lobe.

No one's ever going to use the thing again, why not wrestle a pig in the damned thing?

Rating: Promotion to first mate for Brefeld and buried treasure for Trash the Dress

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