Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beware ye folk of nuns

Typically, nuns are thought to be peaceful, non-violent promoters of faith, hope and love. However, in this century, the nun is apparently now able to hold her own against robbers, burglars and yes, terrorists. Instead of dishing out a cup of hot soup at a local food shelter for the homeless, they can be expected to break and deface government nuclear property. Ridiculous, right? Wrong.

In this article, two nuns were wrongfully accused as suspected terrorists when the were “wrongly listed into state and federal databases that track terrorism suspects.” The nuns must go before a board and have their files reviewed before their names are deleted off the list.

Keep in mind that these nuns were up to mischief, though. In 2002, they broke into a nuclear missile site and defaced the missiles and building by painting cross with their own blood. Maybe the nuns have been watching Whoopi Goldberg’s Sister Act.

Though this grammar was not written in AP style and had grammatical errors, the hilarious content saved the article. This I such an unusual topic because the average person does not expect nuns to cause mischief, but rather remain calm and peaceful. Next time I see a nun, however, I am going to be extremely polite so she will not cover me with a bloody cross or yell curses to me.

Link to article: http://www.ncbuy.com/news/2008-10-13/1016854.html

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