Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God visits American Beer Festival

The Christian belief that God is everywhere reigned true as the American Beer Festival took place this year.

NewsDay covered the American Beer Festival and how the participants of it were celebrating the origins of beer and how that relates to religion. It's an interesting article. The fun facts hold the reader's attention. The writer humorously added in facts about saints and how they were true inventors and holder of beer.

"....God could be found at last week's Great American Beer Festival — in the crassly commercial, in homage to religion's long history in brewing, in needling faiths that turn a suspect eye on drinking, and (if the prophet of home-brewing is to be believed) at the bottom of every glass."

There is even information in there stating, "... the first brewery in the Americas was founded by Belgium monks in Ecuador in 1534."
The man even quotes the wise words of Ben Franklin.

I feel as if this article is just full of fun facts. Who knew that St. Arnold of Metz was the French saint of brewers and one of many patron saints of the brewing arts?

The criticism of this article that I have is that it went from the American Beer Festival to fun facts about saints and beer, then back to the festival and then it gets scattered all over the place. I couldn't really tell what the point of the article was, once I got to the end of it.

For being unorganized, the writer gets his rum (or beer for that matter) taken away for a week.

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