Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Powell foces McCain to plank, Obama stays on board

Colin Powell has a strong influence in American society, and his opinions about the presidential campaign can waive people from one candidate to another. In this case, however, Powell favors Sen. Barack Obama over Sen. John McCain.

In this video, Powell blatantly focuses on how McCain’s reaction and future plans for the financial crisis is not up-to-par as Obama’s. Once again, someone is focusing on how bad an opponent is rather than highlighting aspects and qualities that will make his or her favored candidate a great president. If people don’t support McCain, they don’t want to hear why he is a bad choice for president, and instead, they want to be reassured that Obama is the best and only choice for president.

It’s especially disappointing that a man as respected as Powell is contributing to smearing campaigns and advertisements. He should know by know that people want reassurance and proof that Obama will make a better president over McCain. Though Powell may be speaking the truth about McCain, he should focus on the positives of Obama rather than the negatives of McCain. If he doesn’t do this, what is the point even speaking to the American public?

Link: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/10/20/4812/4188/559/636101
Rating: Walk the plank

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