Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gangster grandma lands grandson in JV detention


Only an 18-year-old would "coax" their 85-year-old senile grandmother into being a character in a homemade rap video where she is threatening to "shoot all the pigs." Really? And it would only happen in Florida.

Michael Alfinez has been charged with elder abuse. Did he post this video online? Not that was reported (And, it's not on youtube). However, the only way the police got a hold of the video was during a routine traffic stop. What was he doing with that video? Was it just chilling on the passenger seat of his car? And, only an ignorant person would record himself and his friends shooting a pistol off in the town where he was caught with this video.

What really could have made this story oh, so much better would have been to interview the senile grandmother. Just because she is senile doesn't mean that she isn't fit to interview. It would have been really interesting to have gotten her side of the story, considering the fact that apparently the family says that the whole thing was one big "misunderstanding." Does that mean the grandmother said this, or was it the kid's parents trying to save him from a criminal record?

Thank you, Daily Star for making the most important part of the article absent. Here's a tip for ya: Interview the victim.

You're fired. Walk the plank.

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