Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Huffington dishes out presidential blunders

At times, there is biased in reporting and articles, however, this post by Arianna Huffintgton is exceedingly fair since it represents both sides of the presidential election spectrum. From reading this blog, I cannot tell if Huffington is a Republican or Democrat since she represents the challenges both parties equally face. Though the challenges are different in nature, Huffington tells the problems of McCain and Obama, and she displays how each presidential candidate is trying to deal with the problem.

Huffington says that McCain is not as strong in his political campaign as he should be, so his followers should focus keeping Republicans in both houses, rather than focus on the presidential race. Obama promises change, but if he doesn’t have a Democrat majority in the houses, how would change occur?

The blog is both credible and professional because Huffington portrays challenges from both sides. In no way, shape or form does she tell people whom to vote for, only highlighting problems the candidates face. Because she is fair, readers should be comfortable trusting her opinion and blog.


Rating: Run and wenches

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