Monday, October 6, 2008

A Sea Chantey to Sing You to Sleep

It's like finding buried treasure when you find any music review that doesn't go overboard on descriptions and bore readers with non-sensical jargon. But finding a blog that fits that criteria? That is truly a diamond in the rough.

Posted on My Hmphs, this review of Amy Grant's song, "If These Walls Could Speak," engages readers without giving away too much. Instead of using the language of musical masters, the author uses fairly concise language so as not to lose the reader.

In addition to this, the author sticks to A.P. Style, making sure to quote song titles and italicize album titles. While the author does use more complex sentences than necessary at times, they are not so complex that they become confusing.

Even better yet, the author adds personal experience. While all reviews contain some personal experience in the form of opinions, many times it can be overpowering. In this case, the blogpost is bookended by that author's opinion, bringing the article full circle and providing a sound beginning and ending.

All in all, this article deserves to man the fastest ship in the seven seas.

Rating: 5. Hidden Treasure.

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