Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bambi proves spiteful, malicious

Hunting accidents have the potential to be a well-read topic in the media. Victims are killed from accidental gunshots, and because this is a tragedy, people will read about what happened.

However, one headline about a hunting incident caught my eye: Deer gets revenge after hunter shoots him. It’s not every day this type of story makes the news because the event is unusual and rare. Sure, people become injured from hunting accidents, but a deer seeking revenge on its attacker is almost unheard of.

While hunting, a hunter shot a large deer, and thinking it was dead, he slowly crept toward it to inspect his prize. All of a sudden, the deer sprang to life, and kicked the hunter. I would think the deer would run away or lay suffering, but revenge was apparently on his mind.

Though this was not an extremely noteworthy piece of journalism, the topic is rare and details are funny, so people would be interested in it. The headline was well written since it immediately caught my attention.

Rating: Rum and wenches

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