Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black eyes caused by Black Friday

I can't figure out what is more disturbing about this story - what actually happened at this Wal-Mart on Black Friday or that the story doesn't have one single focus. Is it about the death of an employee worker and the injuries of others? Or is it about the lawsuit that is following now?

The story begins to discuss how two customers, a son and his father were trampled in the rush of customers attempting to get inside Wal-Mart right after the doors opened. The two "were 'literally carried from their position outside the store' and are now 'suffering from pain in their neck and their back from being caught in that surge of people' that rushed into the Wal-Mart." The story continues to describe how one Wal-Mart worker was trampled to death by the customers and how police stood by and did nothing. Maybe it's just me, but that seems ridiculous.

While these incidents are discussed in the first few paragraphs, the rest of the story details how Wal-Mart should have used more preventative measures to ensure the safetly of its customers. I say the customers should be smart enough not to trample others. Seriously people?

The rest of the story is almost a jumble about different injuries people sustained and how they are blaming the police. The story ends with a short statement which says there are videos of the stampede. The end doesn't not tie back to the beginning of the story, leaving the reader wondering if what they actually read was about a lawsuit or just the crazy happenings on Black Friday.

If you ask me, this story deserves a Walk the Plank for organization and the Black Spot for the customers' behaviors.

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