Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Toy companies get the lead out

To begin with, I'm ashamed of Yahoo news to even have this story advertised on their home page.

It seems to me that toy companies struggle with their toys containing hazardous lead every Christmas season. Why is this? And why does it occur that they ONLY discover this around Christmas season? What are they trying to say? Do they only test for these things around Christmas time?
Well, this article, I'll call it a video-cle because it's a video, talks about toy companies having issues with lead in their toys, however they fail to mention what toy companies. For all the reader knows, it could be any company. They fail to mention that, but they show video footage of different toys. Does that mean that the toys shown in the video are hazardous and represent any company?

This whole article was so vague and completely uninformative, which was the entire intent of the article. They only briefly mentioned what toy companies are doing to prevent lead poisoning. People can find that information anywhere, and the information that they had to offer was next to nothing.
Hello, Associated Press, let's get some names of toy companies up and the toys that people should be cautious of/not buy this holiday season.

Horrible story.

Walk the plank, AP.


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